There are many reasons clients choose us for as their partner in business improvement, corporate governance and acquisition. There’s our suite of services, integrated to add greater business value. There’s our experience and track record.Then there’s our whole-of-value chain approach. Ultimately though, clients choose us because we deliver valued outcomes and there’s no greater example than in our audit and due diligence practice.


We provide a full range of resource and reserve audit to the requirements of the JORC Code (2012), NI 43-101, US Sec requirements. We audit to your internal standards or, if requested our our standard – one that has been developed after more than 30 years of resource and reserve related experience. Reviews and audits cover the complete spectrum from drilling and sampling, interpretation, database management, geostatistics, estimation, reporting, processes, model handover and utilisation, public reporting.

Our due diligence services provide a multi-layer and multi-phase approach allowing clients to gain rapid insight into the key project risks and opportunities. From initial ‘phase 1’ investigations suited to preliminary evaluations through to full ‘deep-dive’ validation and verification analysis to ensure there are no hidden resource-reserve related risks that have not been considered before you make the final decision to proceed.

Whether it’s a review, audit or due diligence investigation, we assess the full spectrum of operational performance, including the integration of geology and planning activities, plan implementation, compliance, delivery of performance objectives and meeting product specifications. We don’t stop at the geology silo – our process identifies cross-discipline defects and barriers that prevent full value realisation.

Our audits, reviews and due diligence studies identify risks, opportunities and improvement strategies that clients can adopt or ask for assistance adopting. Our recommendations are ranked using a mix of cost-to-complete vs organisational-benefit combined with a rating systems to help you decide what is critical and what is ‘simply nice to have’. At SD2 we don’t believe that ‘technical excellence’ is a business plan. Our recommendations and solutions are fit-for-purpose and backed by a comprehensive knowledge of the big-picture.